• Ethyl acetate for analysis EMSURE®

  • Dung môi cấp EMSURE® phù hợp với phổ rộng các ứng dụng trong phòng thí nghiệm cổ điển và thường được sử dụng trong các ứng dụng phòng thí nghiệm có quy định và đòi hỏi cao. EMSURE® cung cấp thông số kỹ thuật sản phẩm tốt nhất và rộng nhất trên toàn thế giới. Chúng tôi tuyên bố phạm vi EMSURE® của chúng tôi tuân thủ ACS, với phần thuốc thử của European Pharmacopoeia (Reag. Ph Eur) và cả các tiêu chuẩn ISO. Code:1096231000
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Thông tin sản phẩm

Physicochemical Information

Boiling point

77 °C (1013 hPa)


0.90 g/cm3 (20 °C)

Explosion limit

2.1 - 11.5 %(V)

Flash point

-4 °C

Ignition temperature

460 °C

Melting Point

-83 °C

Vapor pressure

97 hPa (20 °C)


85.3 g/l

Toxicological Information

LD 50 oral

LD50 Rat 5620 mg/kg

LD 50 dermal

LD50 Rabbit > 18000 mg/kg

Safety Information according to GHS

Hazard Pictogram(s)

Hazard Statement(s)

H225: Highly flammable liquid and vapour.
H319: Causes serious eye irritation.
H336: May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
EUH066: Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.

Precautionary Statement(s)

P210: Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. No smoking.
P240: Ground/bond container and receiving equipment.
P305 + P351 + P338: IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
P403 + P233: Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed.

Signal Word




Storage class

3 Flammable liquids


WGK 1 slightly hazardous to water


Strongly contaminated halogen-free organic solvents: container A.

Safety Information

Hazard Symbols


Categories of danger

highly flammable, irritant

R Phrase

R 11-36-66-67
Highly flammable.Irritating to eyes.Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness.

S Phrase

S 16-26-33
Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking.In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.Take precautionary measures against static discharges.

Storage and Shipping Information


Store at +2°C to +25°C.

Transport Information

Declaration (railroad and road) ADR, RID

UN 1173 , 3, II

Declaration (transport by air) IATA-DGR

UN 1173 , 3, II

Declaration (transport by sea) IMDG-Code

UN 1173 , 3, II


Purity (GC)

≥ 99.5 %

Identity (IR)





≤ 10 Hazen

Titrable acid

≤ 0.0008 meq/g

Density (d 20 °C/20 °C)

0.901 - 0.904

Boiling point

76 - 78 °C

Readily carbonizable substances


Ethanol (GC)

≤ 0.1 %

Methanol (GC)

≤ 0.1 %

Methyl acetate (GC)

≤ 0.1 %

Al (Aluminium)

≤ 500 ng/g

B (Boron)

≤ 20 ng/g

Ba (Barium)

≤ 100 ng/g

Ca (Calcium)

≤ 500 ng/g

Cd (Cadmium)

≤ 50 ng/g

Co (Cobalt)

≤ 20 ng/g

Cr (Chromium)

≤ 20 ng/g

Cu (Copper)

≤ 20 ng/g

Fe (Iron)

≤ 100 ng/g

Mg (Magnesium)

≤ 100 ng/g

Mn (Manganese)

≤ 20 ng/g

Ni (Nickel)

≤ 20 ng/g

Pb (Lead)

≤ 100 ng/g

Sn (Tin)

≤ 100 ng/g

Zn (Zinc)

≤ 100 ng/g

Evaporation residue

≤ 0.001 %


≤ 0.05 %

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Ethyl acetate for analysis EMSURE®

Ethyl acetate for analysis EMSURE®

Ethyl acetate for analysis EMSURE®

Ethyl acetate for analysis EMSURE®

Ethyl acetate for analysis EMSURE®
Ethyl acetate for analysis EMSURE®